Reviews of Best Room Divider (Ideas of Screen, Panel, Curtain)

Room dividers mean the partition designed for the division of the room interior space, as shelter effect. Compared to the partition wall, room divider are more flexible and of lower elevation.

Types of Room Dividers
According to various classifications, room dividers can be divided into different types such as:
Glass Room Dividers: a single glass room divider and double glass room divider.

As for materials, plywood room divider, glass room divider and metal room divider.
As for purposes, office room divider, toilet room divider, living room room divider and windows room divider.

As for functions, furniture room divider, screen room divider, door room divider, curtain room divider.

As for Height, high room divider and low room divider.

As for form, fixed room divider and movable room divider (folding, sliding, hanging room divider).

fixed room dividers

fixed room dividers

Fixed Room Dividers
Fixed room divider is used to divide (as functional partition of large interior space) and confine interior space (as for privacy protection). The fixed room partition can still work when takes apart, except some replacement of components, consisting of decorative plates, reinforcing materials, sealing materials and hardware fitting.
In some counties, the veneer walls of the external walls also are included in the fixed room partition. Some fixed room dividers facilitate some additional functions such as being fire-proof, noise resistance and warm-keeping.
ETAG003 “Guideline of European Technology Standard: Room Divider System” can be referred as the standard.

Movable Room Dividers
Split Mounting Room Dividers
Split mounting room dividers can be removable as your requirements, consisting of light plates with the same height as roof ceiling or lower and frames made out of wood, thin metal, referring to double-face plywood, fiberboard or plasterboard.

Sliding Room Dividers
Sliding room divider is the sliding partition along some roller, made of boards with the width of 60 to 120 cm each and with flexible height dependent on actual demand. The boards can be sliding or moved by hands or power, available for the storage in the storeroom when folded like sliding doors.

Folding Room Dividers
Folding room divider is a kind of flexible partition as folding or unfolding for your need. When unfolding, it works as a good protection of individual privacy and extension of interior space and it doesn’t take any more space when folding up, like some folding screens. Light weight and good appearance make the room more attractive and a good taste of design.

Hanging Room Dividers
The commonly used hanging room divider you see maybe is various screens, bead, curtains, window hanging and blinds. We would like to have your attention to browse other article in our site for details.

Rolling Room Dividers
Rolling room divider is made of piles of narrow wood boards, plastic plates or metal pieces, capable of rolling up or down as a flexible partition in need. Such partition can be rolled up or down manual or by power and the size is quite small when rolling up, stored along the wall or the ceiling.

screen room divider

screen room divider

Impact of Screens
Firstly, screens can be positioned anywhere room for independently individual space and used as good shelter to hide some private space. The screen with the height over the vision is preferred.

Secondly, screens can be used as changing room and some clothes or hats can be hanging on.

Thirdly, as the refined decoration for the room, screens offer the feeling of good comforts, cozy and tranquil life. The transparent or semi-transparent screens especially create a sense of being gentle and elegant.

hanging room divider

hanging room divider

The Design Method of Room Dividers
Room dividers are commonly used, but most of them are not amazing in design and also not ideal for the combination of technologies and arts, so some tips please keep in mind as following:
A. Image design of room dividers: room divider is not load-bearing wall, so please don’t be limited and fully develop your design skills, fully taking into consideration of the matching of height, length of partitions and the actual situation.

B. Color matching: Room divider is a part of your lovely home, so please consider your basis color tone and style and the divider color should comply with the overall color pattern of your interior decoration.

C. Choosing and Processing of the Materials of Room Dividers: we can carefully select?and process?proper materials to achieve exquisite room dividers with good image and wonderful colors. Room partition is a non-functional component; therefore, the decorative effect of the material can be taken as the first place.

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