Home Room Dividers for Small-sized Apartment

Home room dividers are designed to serve interior decoration as home improvement accessories. The application of room dividers is a good solution for functional room partition and home decoration if you have a small-sized apartment, whose layout is unusually long and narrow shape or irregular polygon-shape, easy to make you feel tension and hard to set furniture.

With such a room separator, it is available to extend room space functions, being neither narrow nor cluttered. Even small space can show your favorite style and tastes.

hanging room divider curtain apartment

Tip One:
Selecting Light-through or Transparent Materials to Make Room Dividers
Fixed hard wall room dividers easily increase tension in a small house while transparent glass doors or flexible soft room dividers such as plants, antique shelf and curtains can offer good permeability as well as life tastes. For example, bamboo curtains in living room or bedroom are soft room partitions when lying down and more sunshine come in the room when closing. Lights. Color tones and materials can use as space separators in the open-style design.

It is the simplest and commonly used partition method to set furniture, such as table, chairs, sofas, tea tables and cabinets. For example, you can use a sofa and a low cabinet to divide living room and bedroom even in a 15 square meter room.

Tip Two:
Extending Visual Dimensions through Lighting and Colors
As for a small apartment, both functional partition and visual space extending can realize via contrasts of color tones. Light tone makes room not seem crowded and decorative materials of the same colors will extend interior space virtually. Different surface effects of different materials work, also. For example, polished tiles on the wall of a bathroom can enlarge the space in virtual sense. In addition, the differences of lighting intensity of top lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and spotlights can use as visual separator.

Five Soft Room Dividers (Flexible and Hanging Room Dividers included):
Furniture Room Dividers
Furniture works as room divider, such as decorative cabinets, bookshelves and sofas, available to move in the lobby, living room and study.

Furniture Room Divider

Screen Room Dividers
Featured with small size, lightweight and rich patterns, screens are easy to move and store, with good ventilation and transmission of light.

Screen Room Divider

Sheers and Hanging Beaded Room Divider
Sheers and hanging beaded room dividers are easy to install and change cheap, rich in patterns and styles, in accordance with the overall decoration style of the room.

Hanging Beaded Room Divider curtain

Glass Room Divider
Bright and transparent glass room dividers develop interior space, even applicable for small rooms. It is top option to install glass room dividers in bathroom for waterproof, damp proofing and anti-corrosion. Proper size of glass room divider is a key point.

Glass Room Divider

Light lamp Room Divider
With lighting fixtures, lighting intensities or sources, light lamp can create space effects of different light senses, of amazing esthetic value and charm.

Lighting room divider

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