Hanging Fabric Room Dividers

Is that a good idea to fix a hanging fabric room divider to fully develop my limited interior space? Yes, I think. My room is not big, I want to separate the limited space into bedroom, living room and even working area, therefore I turn to having a proper room partition.

Types of Hanging Room Divider

What kinds of room dividers are suitable after all? Since I got so many materials about different creative room dividers: screen divider, curtain divider, panel divider ,beaded divider and sliding room divider such as sliding doors when Google on the internet. Also, as for the various materials, some dividers are made out of fabrics, wood, metal, glass, paper, plastic and even some green plants, etc.

I prefer the movable room divider for its convenience to be folded and unfolded, zero space occupation, light weight and easy installation as well as usage.

Ideas of Hanging Room Divider

Two ways I think to get your own hanging room divider: DIY or buying your favorite one. Please take into consideration of color, decoration style and size of your room. The proper room partition really adds brilliance to your room (Icing on the cake). Based on the overall interior decoration style of my room (light bright color), I want a simple and clean room divider, pink fabrics preferred.

Beaded room dividers are easy to see through; Curtains and Fabrics Divers are favorable if you focus on individual privacy protection; Glass room dividers are good for the transparency from all vantage points and visible effect; Wooden Room Dividers create a sense of being classic and splendid; Green plants dividers make your room more alive and vigorous; of course, you need take good care of these plants or flowers; Surely, some guys like using bookshelves as room divider, a good option for both practical function as bookcase, also explicit decorative room dividers.

bathroom room divider

bathroom room divider

DIY Room Dividers (hanging fabric room dividers)

Plan and measure the size of the fabric divider (for example, measuring the ceiling space or bracket placement where you are going to hang the room partition), making the proper size of the fabric (length and width); Choose the fabrics or curtains you like (find the proper pattern and color); Lay your drop cloth on the floor and cut the fabrics into certain size as measuring before; Sew the top line of the fabrics so than you can put a sling through the line to fixed the divider or fix the hooks arranged on the ceiling or bracket to hanging it or lay the plywood sheet on the top of the cloth, and then drill a hole at least 1/2 inch in diameter once the sheet is dry, closely attached fabrics and sheet.


How to Hang Fabric Room Divider

Please read the installation instructions if you buy from the producers, proceeding step by step as the guidelines.

You can drill a series of rods or holes across your ceiling or bracket first if you tend to make DIY room dividers, and then hang the fabrics or hooks through the robs or holes to hang the divider; Pay attention to the distance among robs or holes, actually the effect will be disturbed if not evenly; The connection part attaching the rods should be strong and flexible.

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