Hanging Curtain Room Dividers

As for home decoration, curtains play a big role although it seems so easy to select, install, change, wash or take a curtain, used as hanging room dividers for privacy protection, decorative effect or more reasonable deployment of the limited interior space.

Compared with room partition wall, curtains belong to soft room dividers, a division of hanging room dividers, whose biggest feature is mobile and easy operation. You can change and improve them as your desire when changing your mind. Why not try fixing a curtain if you want to keep your own private room or reasonably divide a small room into some partitions for different functions? Sometimes, you are not satisfactory with the layout of your rental apartment; however, you have to only undertake some small changes without the owners’ permission. Alternatively, you have to share a room with your partners, but you want to have your own privacy. A simple and cheap curtain is a good solution.

Hanging room dividers cover a big range, such as curtains, beaded curtains, panels, screens, and even some glass room dividers. Curtains are the good choice when mentioning portable, folding, movable, lightweight and easy operation as well as usage.

 curtain room dividers

Regarding the materials of curtains, fabrics, bamboo, reed, fibre, yarn, even plastics and metal all can be used for functional and decorative home furnishing. Among rich varieties, fabric curtains, yarn curtains, seamless gauze curtains are frequently seen. With combination of home decorating and practical applicability, the importance of curtains nowadays is obvious for meeting the demands on wind resistance, light shelter, and dust elimination, even adding brilliance to the overall home design feel.

Main curtain styles are shown: American-style, New classic, modern and simple, European-style, Chinese-style, American garden style, Britain-garden style, elegance style, and Mediterranean style.

curtains room dividers

When you select curtains, please consider your room lighting, furniture layout, room size, room colors, your favorites and costs. Normally, patterns and colors of fabric curtains are not good to be too complex. In the living room, the curtains with good light through and patterns are better. In the bedroom, two-layer curtain is suitable; the exterior layer is made of gauze, available for lighting, and the interior one made out of textile fabrics.

The matching curtain tracks refer to stand-type, rail-style and special-shaped section type. The structure of stand is simple, cheap, but a curtain is easy downwards for the supporting of lead wires and ropes. The rail-style with aluminum alloy is equipped with two sets of rollers; however, big noise for friction and resistance is a problem. Wood decoration is required.

hanging curtain room dividers

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