Hanging Beaded Room Dividers

Hanging beaded room divider, made out of lines of beads arranged in vertical, works for decoration or room partition, rich in amazing colors, attractive style and various gorgeous beads in different shapes such as ball, square, triangle, snowflake, heart, cubic sugar. As for style and color, you can make a choice, dependent on your home deco design and favorite: vanguard, fashion, simplicity, classic, comforts and so on, in compliance with the overall deco style.

haning beaded room divider

haning beaded room divider

Why are so popular?

Hanging beaded room divider is also a kind of artistic decorative work, once used in the ancient times, e.g. in the Tang Dynasty in China when the beaded room divider as the screen outline the girls’ glorious dancing. Nowadays, you will find it in the fashion hubs, focusing on decoration rather than finishing in Japan, South Korea and HongKong, which brings brilliance to the current splendor for creative design and flexible ornament. On the other hand, beaded hanging  room dividers make active impact on the improvement of the imperfect apartment pattern, for example, your washroom just lies against the hallway door, and you can try the crystal beaded room dividers for screen function and good decoration, the usage of the crystal brings good luck as Vastu philosophy.

Functions of the Beaded Room Divider:

A. Hanging Room Partition
Instead of concrete or glass wall, beaded curtains use as soft room dividers with good feel of lightweight as well as breathe, capable of effectively developing the interior space without the influence of day lighting.

B. Wall Panel
Hanging beaded room dividers all apply for the design of the background of television, sofa and bedside. The matching of hard, code sense of glass wall or mirrors with soft beaded curtains highlight the strong contrast, add vigor on the background wall, make wide vision and extend the space. In addition, the spotlights on the top of the curtain room dividers can reflect the beautiful light.

C. Furred Ceiling
It is not complex to install hanging beaded room dividers on the hang ceiling, creating the atmosphere of romance and illusion with lights. If the ceiling made of wooden crossbeam, you can directly pin the track into the frame. If the cement, the professional workers drill the holes with shot bit. As for the ceiling decoration, beaded curtains are used to reflect the lights through the faceted pebbles.

D. Curtains
Traditionally, hanging beaded room dividers use as curtains and today, people would like to make some addition to the fabric curtains, e.g., adding beads on the end of tassels to show expensive and high class.

Sizing of the Beaded Room Divider:

Please consider the materials of beads when you are going to measure the beaded curtain. For example, normally it requires the length of 1.8-2 meter for the beaded room partitions if used as the curtain of hallway, big and weighty beads not suitable for such length, otherwise easy to break lines. As for the hanging beaded room divider at the access, it is better to have the short one for accessible ingress/egress, and colored pendant more fantastic. Short room divider (half as the normal one) or the beaded curtain with discordant lower hem is preferred to avoid the trouble to pick up the lines.

Regarding colors and patterns, the basic principle is still the compliance with the overall style of the home decoration, e.g. pink or purple crystal beaded room dividers for comfortable and romantic style; blue, white or dark brown proper for simple and concise sense; red, green or stained ones for fashionable placement; and full transparent crystal ones for European and American classical style. As for other types of hanging room dividers, welcome you to visit our other blogs.

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