Chinese Room Divider Screens, Oriental Room Dividers

Chineses room divider screens, have you heard something about that? This kind of screens also belong to room dividers. Today, room divider screens are used in the housing interior decoration more and more as both the room partitions and attractive furnishings to fully utilize the interior space as well as add charming factors.


Chinese Room Divider Screens

Chinese Room Divider Screens

Room Divider Screens Chinese (Oriental Screen)

Apart from Japanes room dividers, Chinese room divider screens are one kind of the typically representative room partition of new Chinese interior decoration. New Chinese interior decoration is derivative pattern of the traditional Chinese culture, based on the current modern times, combining both the classic taste, gorgeous style and fashion factors as well as practical function. Such room divider ideas are shown by the screens completely present the creative interior decoration ideas.
Chinese room divider screens play an important role of interior decoration, also an important factor of Chinese culture, inherent the interior decoration design concept in dynasties Tang, Ming and Qing, combined with refining classic elements, smooth line, refreshing image design, and designed to express the oriental spiritual pursuit of elegance and decency. Moreover, the materials for the screen partition are of big varieties.

Oriental Room Dividers

Oriental Room Dividers

The Chinese room screen dividers in drawing room and dining room are of different design, and the refined screen crossbars making the interior room space more vision bright, offering perfect matching of furniture with oriental taste such as chairs and tea tables, creating open spatial pattern, free and clean feeling for the entire space.


Based on the decoration and decorative furnishings of traditional Chinese cultural elements, the room divider made of wood show the space with traditional favor by reasonable design. The traditional window grille and white laced screen strengthen the effect of fantasy and the taste of fairy tales, like bead or curtain room divider. The Chinese screen with the silver metallic paints makes the living room full of modern style, also presenting the classic factors, outlining the warm atmosphere and the flashing of time.

Chinese screen

Chinese traditional screen

With  home room dividers and screen partitions, housing space is reasonably divided into various areas according to different functions. For example ,a bedroom should be comfortable for a good rest and sleeping. It requires the full utilization of the design of room dividers and screens to realize of the separation of being viable and peaceful. Screens are the vital existence of the decoration.

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