Bathroom Room Divider Ideas

Bathroom room dividers mainly use to make reasonable room separators to properly develop the functions of a bathroom, decorative furnishings, and effective control of smell and humidity for better individual life quality.

The most bathrooms combine the functions of washing rooms and toilets where we wash our faces, make up, have a bath or shower and physiological needs. As for some modern interior designs, a main bedroom contains a bathroom for convenience and privacy protection.

You can have a wide selection of room dividers for your favorites or demand on materials, types, colors and patterns. If your bathroom is small, a hanging fabric curtain or a beaded curtain is proper because you just need to hang a track or a pole and fix a curtain. DIY (Do it yourself) room divider is cheap and reliable, and it is not quite hard to design your own style, even making some creative decorative accessories. It is not too bad to weave or print your favorite images on the fabrics, and then hang it up. Cool. If you want to have a separation between wet and dry space, you can install a glass door, the transparent materials making your room seem broad. If you have a big one, you can decide which room partition is better, according to your overall interior decoration style.

hanging beaded room divider

Beaded Curtains:
Such hanging room dividers feature with easy installing, operating or change, cheap, various patterns and styles in accordance with individual favorites and the overall room style.

sreens and panels

Screens or Panels:
Such room dividers are lightweight, good ventilation, transmission of light, of various styles, easy to move and change.

Hanging Curtain Room Dividers:
Fabric curtains are frequently used in the bathroom for convenient usage, of rich patterns, cheap and privacy protection.

curtain room dividerGlass Room Dividers:
No matter of glass screens, panels or glass sliding doors facilitate brightness, light-through effect, space extension effect, effective separation of dry and wet parts (waterproof, damp proof and anti-corrosion).

glass bathroom divider room


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